Available in All Jarir Bookstores (http://www.jarir.com/local-market-english-books-english-books-457956.html in Saudi Arabia, a revised third edition of

English for Security Purposes-Book 1 is a textbook particualrily designed for police officers in Saudi Arabia. This textbook focuses on the four language skills and the use of more than 500 security terms in context. You may order English for Security Purposes-Book 1 directly from the author or Jarir bookstores. Price is 85 Saudi Riyals.

Available in Jarir Bookshop (http://www.jarir.com/local-market-english-books-english-books-414489.html)1st edition of English for Security Purposes-Book 2.  An advanced textbook designed for police officers in Saudi Arabia. This textbook focuses on developing the officers' ability to read, critically analyze security related issues and present more than 1000 security terms visually and in context. You may order English for Security Purposes-Book 2 directly from the author.  Price is 85 Saudi Riyals.




Most Recent Articles

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Will the College of Sharia in Alhassa become the second university?


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  Bilingualism & Dementia


الأمن الفكري واللغة


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How can you present your research paper paper in 20 mintues?


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Conferences Industry in the Kingdom . . Where to?


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تشومسكي والقضية الفلسطينية

Chomsky & the Palestinian Case


البحوث الأمنية . . . هل حققت لنا الأمن؟

Security research . . . Have they provided us with security?


اكتساب لغتين: فوائد في الصغر والكبر

The acquistion of two languages . . Benefits in childhood and adulthood


ماذا يعني أن تكون دكتوراً؟

What does it mean to be a doctor?


الجمعيات العلمية في المملكة.. إلى أين؟

Scientific Associations in the Kingdom . . Where to?


ما بعد الابتعاث

What after finishing scholarship!

مقومات القائد الإداري الناجح من المنظور الإسلامي

Characteristics of a successful administrative leader from Islam point of view


كيف قتلت الديمقراطية الغربية كاتبها العظيم إدغار آلن بو؟

How did Western Democracy kill its great writer Edgar Allen Poe?


الترجمة لذوي الحاجات الخاصة

Translation for people with special needs


الأمن و اللغة

 Security & language


اللطف في النقد . . . سمة الأنبياء والعلماء

Kindness in criticism. . .a trait of prophets & scholars


Recent Publications of Dr. Mohammed Nasser Alhuqbani. To enlarge the book cover and have some information about each book, please press the book cover.




  Some of the published papers are now avaliable in PDF. 

 Identifying the English language  needs of Saudi police officer

A study of Saudi Police officers' motivation and attitudes for learning English as  a foreign language

The Acquisition of English Contrastive Discourse Markers by Arabic-English Speakers


Security Translation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Reality & aspiration. Paper published & presented at the third conference on Arabization and Translation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cognitive development of Arabic-English bilingual children: A cross–validation study of Bialystok’s theory of analysis and control (Research Center, College of Languages and Translations–King Saud University).


A survey of the English language needs of police officers in Saudi Arabia. Proceedings of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University Conference on Languages and Translations: Realty and aspiration.

 Discourse markers: Coherence vs. relevance

 The translatability of the discourse function of the English but to Standard Arabic: One or four meanings

 The English but and its equivalent in Standard Arabic.

Dr. Alhuqbani presented a paper about security translation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference was organized and sponsored by SAOLT. Alhuqbani's students in the Security Terminology and Translation course participated in this important conference. 


 Dr. Alhuqbani presented a paper at the University of Santiago De Compostela, Spain 2008 



 Dr. Alhuqbani presented a paper  & chaired several sessions at the Institute of Research & Education, Greece 2009



 Dr. Alhuqbani participated  in the international conference on bilingualism at York University, Toronto, Canada 2005

York University